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Mattress Diona one sided 180x200cm DIOMMI 44-130

Mattress Diona one sided 180x200cm DIOMMI 44-130

Model DIONA has an elastic foam pad and a Memory foam pad.

The high-tech memory foam responds to the heat of the body and takes the form of its exclamations, adapts to its position and helps to release the fullness as it is evenly distributed evenly along the surface of the matrix.

If you place your hand on top of it, it will leave a "imprint", which will be observed after you raise your hand.

It is offered with high quality textiles, which have antibacterial treatment, and the additional layer of Memory foam in the lining enhances the feeling of softness and comfort.

Model Diona Ednolicev has a built-in frame made of coniferous material, which gives additional strength and stability of the matrix.

Degree of hardness:Medium.

Matrix height:22 cm.

Warranty:5 years.

Matrix composition:

Antibacterial textiles.

Memory pin in the extension.


Memory pяna.

Elastic foam.

Frame from coniferous material.

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    Shipping: 10-15 days
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: 44-130
  • m3: 0.75m3
  • Dimensions: 200.00cm x 180.00cm x 22.00cm
  • Weight 30.000