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Privacy Policy and GDPR protection

Privacy Policy (GDPR)

in effect from 15-07-2022.

Thank you for visiting the DIOMMI STAYL EOOD website!

Before using our website, please read this Policy carefully.


Any person visiting the website (user/user) can browse its website and use its services and content as a visitor or as a registered user and the processing of personal data as a result of this access is described in this Politics.

1. Purpose of data collection and processing.

Firma DIOMMI STAYL EOOD, EIK: 201659429, headquarters and management address: gr. Goce Delchev, ul. Panairski livadi - continuation is the administrator of the personal data of each visitor/registered user on the website and controls the processing of user data.

DIOMMI STYLE EOOD informs users on its website of the following:

§ In order to achieve the goal of fulfilling the contract for distance sales and in particular, to enable the user to complete his orders and the related purposes, detailed in the next sentence, it is necessary to process personal data, providing from the user in the order form, as well as to record and track the user's transactions. The purpose of this necessary data processing is the completion of each order, communication and notification messages regarding the stages of order processing, providing clarifications in relation to the order and generally analyzing and informing about the purchases that the user has made in order to fulfill the contract obligations of DIOMMI STYLE EOOD, delivery of the order to the selected address, when necessary – identification and confirmation of the user, visits to the user in connection with the execution of the order and notification of the existing stock of goods, as well as other purposes related to orders/applications through the electronic store, as provided in the General terms and conditions for use of the site and the electronic store of DIOMMI STAYL EOOD. In addition, DIOMMI STYLE EOOD aims to facilitate registered users by creating a user profile with personal data and information for delivery, order and communication management purposes.

§ Some types of personal data processing are necessary to improve the services provided by DIOMMI STYLE EOOD, to popularize/develop the activity and goods/services, to evaluate our products and services, to conduct customer satisfaction surveys, to establish experience for fraud or abuse and in general for the establishment, exercise and/or defense of legal claims, as well as for any cooperation with judicial and regulatory authorities. If you contact us with a question related to our products/services, before you make a purchase or receive a service, we still need some of your data to be able to respond to you, as it is in our interest to make it easy for users to make their purchases. Also, data processing is necessary for regular communication with the visitor and/or registered user by telephone, mail, electronic mail (email), mobile phone message (SMS) or other appropriate means of communication, using the contact details of the user, which were lawfully obtained during the use of in connection with the goods and services offered by DIOMMI STYLE EOOD, in the context of the relationship between them and until the user does not object to such communication. This communication may include information about the goods/services and/or promotions and/or games and/or surveys of DIOMMI STYLE EOOD as well as other promotional activities for similar purposes. Also, DIOMMI STAYL EOOD may communicate with the visitor and/or registered user through OTT (over-the-top) communication services, such as Viber, Messenger, etc., for the purpose of -good communication and cost effectiveness. Finally, DIOMMI STYLE EOOD considers that its legitimate interests include the presentation and promotion of the company and stores, as well as its goods and services in social networks and other services of the information society, giving the opportunity to other users of these networks to participate in promotions, as well as express that they like our page and post comments about our products/services.

§ To comply with the legal obligations of DIOMMI STAYL EOOD (от Общия регломент от записания на датей): such can be, for example, obligations under tax legislation, accounting legislation and others. The purposes of the processing in these cases are compliance with the relevant legal obligation on the part of DIOMMI STYLE EOOD according to the applicable legislation.

§ Every registered user has the right, but also the obligation, to access, correct and update his personal data that he discloses, and must notify DIOMMI STYLE EOOD of any change in the personal information entered during the registration in the DIOMMI STYLE electronic store EOOD, for better service.

§ When you place an order for a product/request for a service through the website, the contract with you cannot be concluded/performed if you do not fill in the mandatory personal data or provide us with additional information that we have deemed necessary for conclusion /implementation of the contract.

2. Processing and categories of personal data. Rights of visitors / registered users.

§ Processing of personal data: For online purchases, DIOMMI STYLE EOOD will still process the personal data of the user, specified by him when creating his user profile and/or in the order form, to complete the specific order through our online store. Every user of the electronic store has the opportunity to choose between 2 ways to complete an online order and provide their personal data:

- As a visitor: In this case, the collected personal data of the visitor will only concern the fulfillment of the distance sales contract and other purposes of processing, specified in this Personal Data Protection Policy. Certain data, however, proving the conclusion and execution of the contract and/or other data related to the contract, as well as proof of the notification of the processing of personal data, will be kept in a form that allows identification in order to comply with the legal obligations of DIOMMI STYLE EOOD (napr. for tax purposes) and/or for the establishment, exercise and/or defense of legal claims. Also, contact data (in a form that allows identification) will be saved and used by DIOMMI STAYL EOOD for marketing purposes, unless the user has declared that he does not want such communication.

- As a registered user in the electronic store: In this case, the user has created a user profile in our electronic store, and his personal data will be saved by DIOMMI STYLE EOOD in a form that allows identification, until the user seeks to delete his user profile (after he/ тя поиска това, the data will be anonymized). Certain data, however, proving the conclusion and/or performance of contracts and other data related to contracts, as well as proof of notification of the processing of personal data, will be kept in a form that allows identification, then, in order to comply with legal obligations to DIOMMI STAYL EOOD (eg for tax purposes) and/or to establish, exercise and/or defend legal claims. Also, after the user requests the deletion of his user profile, DIOMMI STAYL EOOD will keep the contact data (in a form that allows identification) and use it for marketing purposes, unless the user has declared that he does not want such communication.

§ Categories of personal data

- user's first name and last name

- delivery address of the ordered goods/services

- billing address (in case it is different from the delivery address)

- invoicing information (if an invoice is requested)

- telephone number for contact

- user's e-mail address.

§ In addition to the above, DIOMMI STYLE EOOD also collects and stores the following personal data for registered users:

- history of orders/requests

- frequency of visits

- goods/services in the shopping basket or in the list of favorite products

- participation in promotions

§ In the event that goods/services are requested to be delivered to a third party, other than the visitor/registered user, the latter confirms that it bears full responsibility to notify and obtain appropriate consent from the person indicated as the recipient, for the presentation of his personal data on DIOMMI STAYL EOOD, with the sole purpose of delivering the relevant goods/services and the visitor/registered user assumes full responsibility for any claims made by this person (recipient) against DIOMMI STAYL EOOD. In all other cases, if DIOMMI STYLE EOOD receives information about third parties in connection with the interaction with the visitor or registered user, then the latter should have a legal basis for providing these data (in cases where the visitor or registered user provides the data), for example, the consent of the third party, and in all cases the visitor or registered user should inform third parties about how DIOMMI STYLE EOOD will process their data and provide the other necessary information contained in this Privacy Policy.

§ The data regarding the credit/debit card used by the visitor or registered user are not saved by DIOMMI STYLE EOOD during the transaction/sale, but are recorded directly in the electronic medium of the partner company, which is engaged in payments and processing in relation on credit/debit cards.


Regarding all data collection and processing procedures, DIOMMI STYLE EOOD requires its workers/employees, partners, persons having the capacity to process personal data, and its agents to fully comply with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation, as well as applicable current legislation related to the protection of personal data, as they are bound by contractual obligations to comply with the requirements. DIOMMI STYLE EOOD requires its employees/employees, website suppliers, as well as third parties – its partners, to take all necessary technical and organizational measures (including appropriate policies and procedures to prevent the disclosure of personal data to visitors/registered users and to have adopted and implemented procedures for managing and processing personal data in a manner that is lawful and provides protection in accordance with the General Regulation on Data Protection).

Links to websites, plug-ins and third-party applications: The website may contain links to third-party websites, plug-ins and applications. Clicking or activating these links may allow third parties to collect or share user data. DIOMMI STYLE EOOD does not control these websites, plug-ins and applications of third parties and is not responsible for their statements/policies for the protection of personal data and for the processing of personal data carried out by them. In the event that users leave the website, DIOMMI STAYL EOOD recommends that they read the privacy statement/policy of each website they visit. The posting of these links (links) on the website is based on the legitimate interest of DIOMMI STYLE EOOD to improve its services and develop its business.

DIOMMI STYLE EOOD declares that the personal data of users will not be used for a purpose other than the purposes specified in this Personal Data Protection Policy, without prior notice and, when necessary, express consent from the data subject.

DIOMMI STYLE EOOD may change this Privacy Policy at any time. Please check back regularly for changes.

This Privacy Policy is applicable from: 15.07.2022.