Three-seater sofa "DIAS3" 220/90 DIOMMI (48-029)


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  • Brand: DIOMMI
  • Product Code: 48-029

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Three-seater sofa "DIAS3" 220/90 DIOMMI (48-029)

The frame of the furniture is made of a combination of Poplar and Beech wood and the ¨body ¨ of the seats consists of a 400-gauge rubber of medium hardness.
In all models the height of the back moves in frames 70-73cm. while the height up to the seat is 45-47 cm. The depth is 90cm.
On corner sofas the arm can go in any direction you want (adjustable angle).
Choose the color you want!
Warranty 2 years.

Delivery time: 15 working days

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