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Sofa VELVET 200/110/95 DIOMMI 43-010

Sofa VELVET 200/110/95 DIOMMI 43-010

The wide variety of modules with different widths allows the adaptation of the sofa to rooms of different sizes.

Seats with increased seating depth for maximum body relaxation.

The seats are made of 15cm. high elastic polyurethane foam with a density of 30 kg/m3, which offers softness and comfort, while being stable over time.

Fluffy pillows are filled with silicone fluff, which has the properties of goose down, and at the same time it does not cause allergies and does not allow the development of acari and mold.

All modules are 15cm. high, allowing easy cleaning of the space under the sofa.

Removing the pillows makes the sofa a single bed, suitable for everyday use.

All pillows come with silicone covers for easy maintenance.

The supporting structure of the sofa is entirely metal, guaranteeing durability and long service life.

The seat structure is based on the principle of metal frame+steel zig-zag springs,which guarantees durability and prevents the seats from sagging over time.

Wide choice of fabrics and skins.

The photos shown are just an example!

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  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: 43-010
  • m3: 1.40m3
  • Dimensions: 200.00cm x 110.00cm x 95.00cm
  • Weight 55.000

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