Kids Room Set "KRIS - F" DIOMMI (31-028)


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Kids Room Set "KRIS - F" DIOMMI (31-028)

Perfect solution for both teenagers and younger ones.

A combination of natural colors suitable for both boys and girls.

The modules are part of Kris' modular furniture and combine perfectly with all the furniture in the series.

The set includes:

Module 14 - Wardrobe with three shelves 50x183x50 cm.

Module 16 - High cabinet with two doors and three shelves 40x183x40 cm.

Module 15 - Wardrobe with one shelf and lever for hangers 50x183x50 cm.

Module 6 - Office 94x74x55cm.

Module 7 - Shelf 130x54x30 cm.

Module 5 - Bed 94x80x204 cm, for a mattress 90/200 cm.

Module 4 - High bed for mattress 90/200 cm with utilized space under it in the form of a TV section. An additional advantage: the niche next to the ladder is used with shelves and a low cabinet with a door. Overall dimensions: 96x180x232 cm.

The price does not include: mattress (the bed is suitable for a single mattress or a double mattress with a suitable base) and the decorative elements from the photo!

Materials: chipboard - 16 mm.

Delivery time: 30 days

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